Ottawa plant zone- what kind of plants grow best in the nation’s capital

If you look up Ottawa in the Plant Hardiness Zone by Municipality, you will note that we are in zone 5a and 5b. So, if you want your garden to thrive and last our cold winter climate, you should consider shopping for plants that are within these climate zones.

We looked up Plant Hardiness Zones of Canada 2010 and wanted to illustrate the subtle difference between cities that are not too far from central Ottawa. Cities like Toronto and Kingston are nearly one zone warmer, which means they have access to a lot more plant varieties than the Ottawa region. If you go farther south to Burlington, you’ll note the region is 2 zones warmer than Ottawa, which is why Ontario can produce delicious fruits and vegetables like peaches and plums.

For a number of reasons, we don’t typically recommend going outside of the zoning areas when designing your garden. We love to embrace the Ottawa native flora and try to make the best of what our climate can offer. It’s a much more sustainable and waste-free way of gardening, in our opinion!

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